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"I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy Dreyfus and her team, and am very, very impressed with their responsiveness and integrity. They have offered me amazing support whenever I book the fabulous Orchid properties. They are able to answer any question I have, and seem to be able to go the extra mile for me and my high end clients. I am so happy to be able to work closely with Orchid, as any property that has this signature is to me a stamp of approval!”
-Ellie Colin, President, Elite Team, Ovation Travel

"I have owned my own agency for 37 years now, and I can tell you definitively that the staff at Orchid Resorts & Escapes are professional, know their product inside and out, and are truly helpful in making sure that our clients are in the right room at the right property. One cannot ask for better service and after all, that is all we really have to offer is service and our knowledge to keep our clients happy and coming back to us!"
-Jeffrey Kane, Owner, Jeffrey's World of Travel

"Stacy Dreyfus and her team boast a vast array of knowledge in the hospitality, sales and marketing industry. Orchid Resorts & Escapes have helped us develop our impressive and extensive clientele. Stacy's enthusiasm and work ethic is why I continue to have her represent Winvian."
-Heather Smith, Managing Director, Winvian

"In the increasingly competitive world of luxury travel, Travel Artistry has grown dramatically because we have been able to provide that window into a world of unique experiences and surprising discoveries for our clients. Orchid has helped open that window for me, offering insight and information about the unique properties that its team represents. As an example, Winvian came alive for me through the efforts of Orchid, from useful hi-res images forwarded to me via email to a site inspection arranged with hands-on guidance at the property, to a luncheon that allowed me to interact with the key management on a face-to-face basis. These efforts resulted in multiple bookings for clients of mine at Winvian with tremendous word-of-mouth results. Thank you Orchid, for taking such a proactive, cutting edge role in representing and marketing some phenomenal properties!"
-Bobby Zur, Founder, Travel Artistry

"When I used to sell travel at Mint we could always count on Stacy to come through for us when we needed something special or couldn’t get what we wanted. Now I write about travel I can always count on her to have some of the best and most interesting properties as part of her worldwide portfolio. She and her team deserve their success so far and I look forward to hearing from them in the future as they add more exciting destinations for A Rare World to review."
- Gordon MacGeachy, Publisher, Global BlackBook / A Rare World

"I’ve known Stacy Dreyfus for many years and find her to be an exciting and smart woman who can be counted on to bring the best to the table. Along with her team, Orchid Resorts & Escapes has built a business over the last several years that has constantly been expanding with select, high-end and unique clients. The Orchid ladies have a combined drive and understanding of service that ensures to us that our travelers will always be pleased and well taken care of during their stay. Bear & Bear finds Orchid Resorts & Escapes to be an indispensable resource."
-Steven Bear, President, Bear & Bear Travel

"What do travel agents dream about? I dream about finding new places for my clients. Places which are unlike any they have been to. Places where they feel special. Places where when they return home they know they have had a vacation even if it was only for two or three days. I rely on the Orchid Collection to make all of these dreams a reality for my clients."
-Cookie Anspach Kohn, Co-Director, Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc – Highland Park

"The energetic and dynamic team at Orchid is one of the most professional and proactive in our business. The Orchid team is focused on helping us sell small gems to our clients with a practical approach and useful tools. They are true partners and never fail to go the extra mile to make us look like heroes. Indeed, any property associated with Orchid automatically gains great credibility and instills confidence that they will deliver an incredible experience for our clients."
-Jack Ezon, President, Ovation Vacations

"In the ever expanding world of travel I've found it increasingly important to team up with partners I trust. The ladies at Orchid Resorts & Escapes have continually gone above and beyond to impress me, and in turn my clients, with their dazzling collection of unique high-end properties. Because of their travel expertise, quick turn around and well-established industry relationships, I will happily continue to use them time and again."
- Glenn Bornstein, President, Cleveland Circle Travel / American Express

"I have known and had the pleasure of working with Stacy for the past five years now and I can honestly say that she is a vibrant, dedicated and focused marketing, sales and strategic partnership professional. She created Orchid in order to showcase her own passion for the travel, luxury and service-industry based industries. Stacy's exceptional vision for Orchid has enabled the company to grow from a start up boutique firm into a leading brand and lifestyle firm."
-Scott Lehmann, Marketing Services Director, Esquire Magazine

"Stacy brings a diverse and highly experienced approach to brand development and hotel management. Having previously opened high-end hotels like the Gansevoort in Manhattan, she is perfectly suited to council hoteliers on best practices, strategic market positioning, superior customer service and developing industry relationships. Her multi-faceted role - covering everything from public relations to inside sales - is truly invaluable and indispensable."
-Julia Pirrung, President, Jet Set World Travel

"I can't say enough about my personal and professional appreciation for Stacy Dreyfus and Orchid Worldwide. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Stacy since her days with Ian Schrager Hotels. Stacy's "anything it takes to get the job done" attitude coupled with her natural propensity for true hospitality is a rare find. Stacy has a unique ability to understand people as individuals and is able to customize her approach to her clients needs. It is a pleasure to work with Stacy and the Orchid team."
-Kelley Jones, CEO, Societe Hospitality

"The ladies of Orchid Worldwide collectively exhibit enthusiasm, expertise and charm. They represent a stellar collection of properties and have been a tremendous asset when helping me expedite bookings. I look forward to working with them for years to come!"
-Lisa Lindblad, President, Lisa Lindblad Travel Design

"The ever lovely ladies at Orchid are always a pleasure to work with. How is it that they know the exact perfect properties to include in their exclusive portfolio? I think it is pure talent! Thank you for always being at the forefront of travel trends and having such marvelous taste!"
-Julie Brown Klein, President, JBK Travel

"We in the travel industry are always looking for that "unique" destination that will create a distinctive experience for our most discriminating clientele. When Christina Willett brought the eclectic portfolio of Orchid Resorts & Escapes to Lakeshore Travel, it filled a most important niche for that segment of our business. Christina's enthusiasm and knowledge with her product is a tremendous asset that allows us to match the property with the client."
-Rosann Glantz, Senior Vice President, Lake Shore Travel

"Stacy and the Orchid team were integral in assessing the market opportunity for our new hotel and played a key role, working hand in hand with our management, to create a comprehensive sales strategy. Her teams experience in the independent luxury property space is unmatched and they are a pleasure to work with."
-Eric Nordness, President, Salita Development

"I have had the pleasure of not only working with the beautiful ladies of Orchid Resorts, but also developing a budding friendship with them as well. The professionalism that Christina extends to me is priceless and the wonderful ideas that she comes up with to assist in making a "sale" are definitely over the top. As an avid writer, I am often drawn to properties that not only have amazing customer service, but also appeal to my senses. I've never seen such an array of beauty where properties are concerned."
-Kamala Cummings, Luxury Travel Advisor, Sterling Brownell and Travel Contributor, Crème Magazine

"Orchid has helped us create a more sophisticated vision and up-to-date marketing plan. We look forward to utilizing more of their services to continue with our awareness in the engineering industry and partnering with other like-minded companies to continue our growth."
-George Helms, CEO, Advance Engineering Company

"Stacy at Orchid Resorts & Escapes is very efficient and professional and has good insights into the luxury resort boutique market. Our family enjoyed Winvian & the Pitcher Inn tremendously. We believe their inclusion in Andrew Harper is deserved and we will return to both properties. We look forward to visiting more of their collection as they continue to bloom and grow."
-Carole and Gerald Rokoff, Partner, White & Case

"Stacy Dreyfus and her team are truly a travel agency’s dream! Booking Orchid Worldwide and their divine properties provides us with a confidence in knowing our clients will receive an exceptional experience during their stay. From amenities to service level and a personal attention that clients remember long after they check out, Stacy provides top notch support and TLC each and every time. Thanks for helping us look like heroes to our clients!"
-Gary Stevens, Vice President Leisure Sales & Marketing, Leaders In Travel, Ltd., a member of the Tzell Travel Group